Conscious Enlyghtment

The noises. The voices. The chills.

The electricity. The sensitivity.

It’s all real.

And you and I are going to connect you to your soul so you can finally grasp a life that has been trying to call to you for months (more??) now.

There’s no such thing as coincidences. These things are happening because your body is ready. Your mind is prepped. And you are being called into action.

When we work together, the voices won’t go away. They won’t disappear into the ether. They bright lights you see won’t dissipate.

But you’ll know what they mean and what they signal for you, so that you can start acting on the intuitive hits, the psychic calls, the clair nudges, and more. This, my dear, is where you transform from caterpillar to butterfly.

You were meant for more.

You know that.

But living according to your family’s dogma and society’s expectations is the norm. For you, as much as anybody else.

That dogma was created for a reason.

To keep you where you are controllable. To keep you small. To keep you from making waves in the world.

This is your chance to change all that.

Allow your wings to spread, butterfly.

This is your life now and you want so much to own it, but it’s soooo scary to think you’ll now be alone.

But you won’t be alone.

The world you will enter is OVERFLOWING with contacts and connections just like you. Technically, you’ll never ever be alone again because you’ll see (or feel!) what others do not.

Consious Enlyghtment closes wounds that you see and feel and that you don’t see, but DEFINITELY feel.

It’s how you close the gap between who you are and who you were meant to be.

OOOOH Wow.  I feel so sleepy and tingly.  This is really powerful stuff Renee – WOW! Boy Wow.   This is true, this is all true. Wow.  If we can share this with the world. How awesome would that be?  To heal yourself and energize yourself. Thank you so so much.  This was actually more healing than sessions with Nicolas.  {The man who trained me}  – Andrey in NYC

Will it hurt?

It will hurt NOT to heal. But to answer your question, no. It won’t. Will be uncomfortable? Absolutely. But that’s why I am here. I will hold your hand through this most powerful experience that will command a new you come forth.

What will I have to do?

You’ll have to listen. Mostly to what your heart and your soul guide you to do, but I’ll be there giving you tactics to listen well, so you don’t misstep – or give up. Sometimes you’ll be called to help others heal. Sometimes you’ll be called to heal yourself. Other times…well, you’ll have to do your homework…but don’t worry, it’ll all be helpful and will bring you back to your center, so you feel great. I’m here to help you figure out what that means and how to do it.

What happens when you go through Conscious Enlyghtment?

While everyone’s purpose is different and everyone has different gifts and talents, I can tell you that you see the worlds and the universe for what they truly are – magical wonders that are so much deeper and so much more beautiful than you imagined.

You understand all the twitches and pressures that your physical body experiences. That pressure you’ve been feeling behind your left ear really wasn’t your pain. (We’ll clear that out, too, by the way!)

You become one with YOURSELF and with the Universe.

Conscious  Enlyghtment isn’t really a luxury. It’s a calling that was placed on your soul.

The question remains: Are you going to answer that calling?

Will I lose my family and friends?

I will help you make your transformation so that the people who love and support you are still there. You will most definitely lose people, but not the ones you love and that love you back. This is about burning the old you to the ground and rebuilding a you that’s solid and rooted in your truth. And the truth always weeds out the bad people.

Will it be hard?

That’s really a yes and a no. It won’t be hard in the way that you think. It will be hard because it’s new. You’ll have uncomfortable feelings and realities to face and I will make them easier to take on. So, with me? It will be easier because I’ve been through what you will go through.

Divine Healing is meant to open up a whole new universe to you. When you live in complete and total alignment with your soul, the opportunities, the people, the tasks, everything, will delight you and fill you with a sense of peace that you’ve likely never known. Plus, it’s so much easier than the options of dealing with misalignment, like retreating into a cave in the Himalayas and meditating for decades on end.

Conscious Enlyghtment also makes all the tools you’ve used thus far? More powerful. It’s like the old BASF commercial, “We don’t make the tires. We make the tires better.”

My Conscious Enlyghtment (Divine healing) session came at exactly the right time.  When ZofiaRennea and I both spoke, I had 2 specific areas of my life I was feeling frustrated in, which I knew also contained several components that were limiting my ability to trust and flourish.  Through our session, we were able to establish the priority as well as show how the healing in one area would extend to the others.  During the session, I felt so unconditionally loved and guided and had to laugh as she somehow knew exactly what was holding me back and allowed me to let go of certain programs I was still carrying around.  What is even more important has been the days following.  I have suddenly been able to move forward where I had been stuck and stalled for months in my business with confidence and clarity.  I feel grounded, clear and empowered.  This shift has. Or only shown up in the forward momentum in my business where I have made some significant key decisions, but also how I trust and show up in my relationship.  I am so grateful for my session and all of the work I have done with ZofiaRennea over the years.  I trust her immensely and suggest anyone wanting to uplevel their lives while feeling aligned with their heart work with her. – Erika Watson, NYC

How Conscious Enlyghtment is administered:

Through a series of Zoom meetings you, I will meet (either 4,7, or 13 times – depending on the pack you choose) and we’ll talk about all the ways that you have been opened up and how you are handling your transformation, so we can actually shift the things that are giving you trouble. Because Spiritiual awakenings bring everything to the surface that you have not processed in this life and force you to deal with it really, really intensely.

I’ll read your energy and your lightbody. I’ll scan you for blockages, interferences, and energy imbalances. And I’ll generally be there to guide you through each step of this process 

In addition to the time frame that you choose to work on you, you’ll get the corresponding number of weeks for email or text support after the last session. 

Its’ like it’s definitely, yeah something that’s a natural gift for you because I could like immediately feel the energy.  And so I’m sure a part of that work is directing the energy, I mean you are holding the space, right? It was really, really great. Really great and very impactful. I loved it. That was awesome.  Well, the name alignment I loved, well obviously.  It was needed.  There was a little bit of a misalignment [with her new name].  I cannot thank you enough.
– Anniston in Florida

Why Me?

Because I’ve been where you are. And I’ve done what you need to do.

I’m ZofiaRennea Morales. And I’m your Conscious Enlyghtment guide. I’m here to take you through the transformation that I’d wished I had someone to take me through when I traversed that road.
I went from living cold numbers and solid data to a life of celestial concoction. And that was a difficult change to make.

But when you wake up from a conversation with God and a series of events following brings you to a place where all of your clairs are activated, you kind of have to sit up and say, “Okay, let’s do this.”

When I was diagnosed with a 40-year old Lyme disease infection and was left with no options and no hope for cure, I could have given up.

Yet, one night, as I lay in my sorrow and the bankruptcy that had taken over my finances and my soul, I told God I’d do anything to get better.

That’s exactly where He led me. Through a series of painful doctor visits that sapped our bank account, along with my husband’s and my own unemployment, what else could I do.

I ended up in a naturopath’s office -almost by accident – where I was confronted with the Emotion Code. That book swept me out of my science and data mind and right into my higher self. With it? I healed generations of pain and suffering in my family.

I healed myself.


And now, I’m able to help heal so many others.

But during that scary time, when I didn’t know what was happening or why, my next door neighbor fell ill. As his wife was taking him in the door of their house, I rushed to help them, as I could see the great pain he was in.

I held his hand as his wife talked to the doc and when I closed my eyes, I saw a light that looked like a pilot light, about to go out. It was his life light and I knew that, though I’d never seen it. And I thought to myself, “Can we fluff that up a bit?” At that moment, the flame grew brighter. And he looked at me and asked if I was a healer.

I freaked out because I had no idea what I’d done and I said, “Yes, I’m sorry!” and I ran out. His wife took him to the doc and they found nothing wrong.

He thanked me later, even though I didn’t feel it was something I should take credit for.

Healing is a gift that I now humbly give thanks for.

Isn’t it time that YOU own YOUR gifts?

Conscious Enlyghtment is right for you. You feel it. Let’s make accepting your gift as graceful and painless as possible.

The Pricing:

4 pack (includes 4 private zoom sessions, and electronic support by email or text until 4 weeks after the last session is used, unlimited group Soulutions for the duration of the pack)  $976 ($244/session)

7 pack (includes 7 private zoom sessions, and electronic support by email or text until 7 weeks after the last session is used, unlimited group Soulutions for the duration of the pack)  $1582 ($226/session)

Bakers Dozen (includes 13 private zoom sessions, and electronic support by email or text until 13 weeks after the last session is used, unlimited group Soulutions for the duration of the pack) $2713 ($208/session)

It’s really good, thanks ZofiaRennea.  It works really well!
Andrelia in UK

Consious Enlyghtment.
Own your gifts.