I just want to say thank you for the card reading, it was spot on.. you are truly gifted. Thank you again! 

A few months back, I asked ZofiaRennea a question regarding a class I wanted to so desperately take, but it was sold out and had a huge wait list. The chances were 1 in a million I’d get in. ZofiaRennea said I would get into the class, at the very last minute. I received an email the other day that a spot opened up and the class starts on Monday. You were right on the money. Thank you again

Lisa Morrison in Washingtonville, NY

OOOOH Wow. I feel so sleepy and tingly. This is really powerful stuff ZofiaRennea – WOW! Boy Wow. This is true, this is all true. Wow. If we can share this with the world. How awesome would that be? To heal yourself and energize yourself. Thank you so so much. This was actually more healing than sessions with Nicolas. {The man who trained me} Thanks so so very much. I’m just speechless right now. With what’s happening. This is very surreal to me right now. My mind, my ego can’t grasp this. Andrey in NYC


My best guy friend tells me the other day that I literally saved his life this year. He even attempted suicide. I chatted to you about him maybe 6months ago.
Anyway, all I did was to share some of the knowledge you had taught me with him, also I consulted with you on how to help him.
And it quite literally saved him.
And its not like in a small way, its like he had 4th dimension attachment that he recorded on a video to prove to himself he wasn’t crazy at night. He took the drug cat just so he wouldn’t have to sleep at night and deal with the stuff.
And you gave me an explanation of how evil is actually really mundane, and presents itself in the form that our minds find it most intimidating.
As soon as he grasped that concept and realized he is above it, it was easy to see the way from his black abyss.
I also called to AAMichael for help. And obviously, vicariously your energy came through me to heal him too. Because I just held him tight and let him cry one day. And Im not a hugger ?
Like in the come to mamma sense.
He was also brave enough to step out of his toxic environment, move away from his bad relationship, out of the house and into a new place with great energy, and only had one drug use slip up.
See… you’re more powerful than you even know.


Yolandi in South Africa


My Divine healing [conscious enlyghtment] session came at exactly the right time. When ZofiaRennea and I both spoke, I had 2 specific areas of my life I was feeling frustrated in, which I knew also contained several components that were limiting my ability to trust and flourish. Through our session, we were able to establish the priority as well as show how the healing in one area would extend to the others. During the session, I felt so unconditionally loved and guided and had to laugh as she somehow knew exactly what was holding me back and allowed me to let go of certain programs I was still carrying around. What is even more important has been the days following. I have suddenly been able to move forward where I had been stuck and stalled for months in my business with confidence and clarity. I feel grounded, clear and empowered. This shift has. Or only shown up in the forward momentum in my business where I have made some significant key decisions, but also how I trust and show up in my relationship. I am so grateful for my session and all of the work I have done with ZofiaRennea over the years. I trust her immensely and suggest anyone wanting to uplevel their lives while feeling aligned with their heart work with her. Erika Watson, NYC
ZofiaRennea! Thank you for a very precise, loving and practical reading to my question concerning health! Your advice was right to the point and it felt true! I hope you continue to give blessings with your readings! Best of luck! Evyenia Karamani in Athens, Greece

Hello ZofiaRennea, I had a really nice reading with you recently and it was helpful for me to hone in a few things with my health. I struggle with chronic pain and you passed on some messages for me that will assist me going forward. All the best to you,

Diane Lang<3 in Swift Current Canada

Thank you so much for the lovely, in-depth reading you have done for me. Your words have given me comfort and peace. You were spot on with elements of my present and past, and I trust the future brings all that you have reassured me about. You are amazing. I am especially grateful about the message from my Nan who is no longer with us.<3 Lots of love always.


Beáta Oláh-Wood in Bistrol UK

I just wanted to thank you again for the reading you gave me, ZofiaRennea. It was so very perfect, and all the info was exactly what I needed to hear at the right time. Magical! Thanks again 🙂 Tiff Manchester, Toronto, Canada

t’s really good, thanks ZofiaRennea. It works really well!


Andrelia in UK


Heather 6 months after her last session