Sacred Living Lab

Every Tuesday, at 6 PM Eastern, 3 PM Pacific

Are you newly awakened and trying to make sense of your debilitating new awareness and sensitivities?

Have you been on the journey for a while and want to open some additional gifts?

In this weekly series, you build skills with the fundamental lightworker tools.  You get to know your spirit guides and your optimal ways of communicating with them. You discover how to balance and shield yourself against forces, neutral and negative.  Each month, we provide a safe space and focus on a different set of tools so you can identify the ones that work best for you and build your skillfulness.  It’s like getting the users manual to your gifts so you begin to experience the “giftedness” of your spiritual gifts.

As a member of the group, you will:

  • Identify and develop your unique gifts
  • Receive activations and healings to aid your awakening
  • Be introduced to your spirit guides
  • Develop discernment of energies and intentions
  • Have a safe space to grow in.
  • Network of others also on the spiritual path
  • Get a full toolbox with which to move into your mission.

Come join our group and learn to master your gifts with the tools we will share in the group. And begin to experience the giftedness of you. Going it alone can be debilitating,

You are not alone.