Soulutions for Every Day Problems

Open the Lines to Everything You Want

Everything. The fit body that gives you the energy to move and BE.

The relationship with the person that makes you feel alive and wired.

The upper level income that affords you the trips to Bali and Cancun whenever you want.
All of it.

But as long as there is clutter like addiction, pain, struggle, resistance in your way, the things you want will have trouble making their way to you.

Because when your vibration, your energy, is blocked by low frequencies and emotions that make you feel like you’re weighed down into the core of the earth, your highest form, your Highest Self, can’t connect with you.

So if you struggle with things like:

  • Knowing what purpose you have in this world
  • Feeling like the Universe is out to get you (I promise it’s not, but it might feel like it)
  • Fear of really living the life you want to live
  • Letting go of past hurts
  • Doing what you are called to do
  • Getting into the flow of your life so you stop fighting with yourself and the things that happen
  • Feeling like life left you behind
  • Fear of being abandoned
  • Fear of love and being loved

Then these Soulutions are the perfect space for you to end that struggle.

Be a part of any one of these Soulutions and walk away with:

  • A firmer grasp of how to address and resolve the issues that clog your frequency and keep your Higher Self from connecting with you.
  • A greater sense of purpose, so that less time is spent worrying and trying to hear the things that are right in front of you.
  • A deeper connection to yourself so that you can act on those whispers in your soul.

And what happens when you do that? The Universe literally hands you everything you want.

When you clear out the funk and the clutter that clog the energy highway into your space, you clear out the actual blockages that stop you from having:

  • A fulfilling sense of self that allows you to wake up each morning with a drive like you’ve never experienced before
  • The money coming in that you know you should have
  • A relationship that makes you smile, even if you’re just sitting in silence
  • And more…

Everything in your life unfolds…almost exactly as you imagine it.


Uncover & release the Soul level stuff holding the addiction, pattern, or problem in place. Check out the different Soulutions below and select the sessions that best suit your most pertinent needs so you can get on the road to the dreams buried deep in your soul. Not to mention? The group setting really sets the stage on fire for burning out deep-seated fears like death or annihilation.

The Addiction Soulution

Good for any addiction type: food, work, sex, control, substances and rituals. Specific issues addressed will be based on the combined needs of the group

Your Body Image Soulution

Uncover and release with soul level programming holding the image distortion/revulsion/disconnection in place. Allows you to see your body with loving acceptance and build a supportive, co-nurturing partnership with it.

Creative Muse Soulution

Connect (or reconnect) to your creative muse. Learn who they are and what they best support you with. Communication strategies and block removal to establish and enhance that connection.

The Ease and Grace Soulution

Life can be hard, but it does not have to be. This session clears “it has to be hard work” programming/contracts and other blocks that separate you from grace and ease in your daily life.

Your Finance Soulution

Get to the root of poverty programming which has been sabotaging you and clear it on all levels so you can release your current wiring and begin building foundations of financial success.

The Health Soulution

Pin-point the soul level stuff keeping you in the doctor office and reconnect you to your internal healer and your power to direct your health.

Your Infertility Soulution

Clear the shock and trauma of past medical interventions and miscarriages. We gently connect you to the grief and move it out so you arrive in a space of peace. Clearing blocks and making space for the new addition to your family, however they arrive.

The Love Life Soulution

Untangle the strings and limitations to making a beautiful heart to heart connection so you can find the love that you want so deeply.

Psychic Soulution(Releasing your Spiritual Gifts)

Connect to your higher self and clear the blocks hiding your personal clairs and extrasensory perceptions so you can open up to the universe in ways you never have before.

Sound Sleep Soulution

Work with your higher self to discover the keys to unlocking your best nightly rest. Because good sleep is the key to everything in your life.

The Worthiness Soulution

This session gently reconnects you to you divine nature and opens the door to healthy self-nurture, boundaries and love for yourself. So you can be in the world and care for people and still have enough left over for you.

Please be aware that sessions are conducted through zoom. You will need a private, quiet, comfortable place where you can recline and still have a wired internet connection.

The Successful Entrepreneur Soulution

Identify the programs holding these challenges in place and clear them with your higher self. Clear the nightmare cycles and make way for the business you dreamed of.

The Trauma Release Soulution

Your higher self walks you back into that moment and we release the layers holding the emotional/mental/physical reaction in place, clearing space to breath and rebuild a life of confidence and calmness.