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 I love preparing Life Blueprints, but it does take some time. I’ll send it out as a pdf as soon as it is ready. It may take as much as 2 business days.

Few things you can do in the meantime to assure the best experience:

1) Go to your email, find the confirmation email with subject: “Your Life Blueprint Revealed Welcome and Intake Form” and complete your intake form, so I have the information I need to prepare your Life Blue Print.  Nothing really starts until I have your intake form. 

If you don’t see it straight off – Make sure to check in your spam folder too.  (I know super creeepy, but hold your nose and go there.)

2) Speaking of spam – please white list these email addresses to keep them out of spam and so you get all of the links, your soul contract pdf and announcements:

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Go here for detailed instructions on white listing: https://transformationspace.co/whitelisting/

3) Open and read any emails that I send as you may need provide additional information as I’m preparing your Life Blueprint. If I cannot reach you (bad email, you don’t click the confirmation email or whatever), then I cannot serve you.

4) Keep your eyes peeled for 2 emails.  This subject of the first is “Welcome to Your Life Blue Print Revealed!” which has your Course login and should arrive within minutes, if it hasn’t already.  (Make sure to check spam…)
The second
email with the subject line: Your Life BluePrint is HERE! will have your personal Life BluePrint attached.  If you have not seen it by 2 business days after completing you intake form, please reach out to me at [email protected] and we’ll sort out whatever the hang up was.

I am so excited to introduce you to your Life Blueprint!

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